Unable to introduce Sharia, Justice Minister JC Madhuswamy on rape punishment – The New Indian Express


By Express press service

BENGALURU: Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister JC Madhuswamy clarified on Friday that the government can do its best to harshly punish rape convicts through existing laws, but cannot introduce ‘Sharia’ into a democratic country.

Reacting to the argument of Bharati Shetty, a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party, on the floor of the House for zero hours that harsh punishments such as castration should be meted out to those convicted of rape, the minister clarified that the government does not had no power. “To introduce a harsh sentencing law, changes need to be made to the ICC, the CrPC and the Evidence Act, over which the state government has no power.

It needs to be taken up in Parliament, for which we can ask the Law Commission to intervene and send a recommendation to the Centre. I certainly think it is inadequate because the punishment should have a deterrent effect, so that no culprit commits such heinous crimes,” Madhuswamy said.

The minister further defended the police in the Mysuru gang rape incident, saying the accused was arrested and the survivor’s statement was taken before the magistrate. Madhuswamy disclosed that in Mysuru, the population to police ratio is 317 people to 1 lakh population, and is the highest compared to the national average of 198 and the state average of 182.

The Minister also promised to appoint a female judge to conduct the closed hearing of the case. When opposition leader SR Patil alleged that the FIR had been filed 15 hours after the incident, the minister clarified that the case should be transferred from Krishnarajapuram to the jurisdiction of Alanahalli police station, and the doctors at JSS Medical College Hospital called it a medical-legal case. .


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