Unable to stop ban on Muslim traders in temples: justice minister


Bangalore, March 24 (IANS): Despite posters banning Muslim traders at Hindu religious fairs and cries from the opposition Congress, the Karnataka government has said it is impossible to take action against those imposing the ban on Muslim traders in and around state temples.

Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister JC Madhuswamy told the Legislative Council on Thursday that it was impossible to take action against those who banned traders belonging to faiths other than the Hindu religion, within the confines of temples .

Responding to the request to take action against those imposing the ban on Muslim traders by Congress MLC CM Ibrahim, Minister Madhuswamy said the government was working in accordance with the rule of law.

The rule in this regard was established in 2002, which gave temple authorities the right to award contracts to businessmen who belong to the Hindu religion. Referring to the 2002 rule, the minister said that this government has no role to play in this regard.

“The temple authorities tell us that they are being questioned for following the rules set by the government to refuse contracts to non-Hindus. There is no action in this regard,” he said. .

Meanwhile, Karnataka State Roadside Vendors Federation Chairman Rangaswamy has submitted a memorandum to the government to ensure street vendors are not harmed.

“Muslim roadside vendors should not be embarrassed. There are 2.60 lakh registered roadside vendors in the state. Among them, more than 20% are Muslims,” he said in the context of the unofficial ban on Muslim traders in the state.


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