UNIMA law enforcement management and leadership students will formalize the formation of their society by electing new leaders on Friday


Students of the new University of Malawi (UNIMA) program, the Bachelor of Law Enforcement Management and Leadership, have established their own group – UNIMA Law Enforcement Society in 2020 – and are expected to be formalized through election new board members on Friday at their campus at Chancellor College in Zomba.

This new bachelor’s degree is in its second year enrolled in the Faculty of Social Sciences but also offers courses from all faculties such as forensic chemistry, management accounting, constitutional and administrative law, fingerprints and fingerprints as well as custodial management.

The 4-year program – whose main stakeholders are the Malawi Police Service, Malawi Prisons, Department of Immigration and UNIMA – will give third-year students the opportunity to specialize in one of its specialties such as forensic medicine or management.

It was created to address some shortcomings that law enforcement in Malawi is facing so many criminal cases fail as most police prosecutors usually present ineffective evidence in court.

Mwaku Kalambule, one of three aspiring presidents of the UNIMA Law Enforcement Society, who is one of the first to be admitted and now in his second year, is excited to study this course, saying he has been observed that “many police officers don’t know the law; they don’t respect certain human rights — that’s why we learn constitutional, administrative and criminal law”.

He said the Society was established in 2020 but has not yet officially launched on campus “as it was awaiting official registration to operate legally. It has just been registered this year.

The first president was Moses Chipeta and the next elections will be the second to be held after the first one held in 2020.

In his manifesto presented at a general campaign meeting on Tuesday, Kalambule told his fellow students that the bachelor’s degree in law enforcement program is little known in the country and he promised that the Society’s activities are “massively marketed not only here at the university, but also outside of this institution.

He promised that there was a need to carry out awareness activities “through volunteer work and participation in events associated with major law enforcement agencies across the country”.

“Publicity and education of people outside of this company will be a major focus. I have already contacted an interested party – the Malawi media who are willing to work with us for visibility so that we can one day attract sponsorship from corporate stakeholders for our activities.

He made the members understand that there was a need for unity in participating in the awareness-raising activities that his executive committee must initiate in order for them to earn the respect of the society they will join.

“Through the multiple socializing events I plan to initiate, we can bond well and complete our tasks together once we graduate,” he said.

He is also committed to liaising well with law enforcement in the country such as the Malawi Police Service, Malawi Prisons, Immigration and various stakeholders with whom they will work after obtaining clearance. their degree.

“We have what it takes and together we will make it possible. I have for some time pondered what our powerful law enforcement program and our society are capable of.

“Before we think about turning our dreams into daily reality, I have a request to all of you if we really want to break the chains of the past: your future depends on what you do with it.

“This Society can give you that framework, can give expression to the will of the students, but the students also have to have that will themselves. The will to want more and better for oneself. If you don’t have it, there’s nothing a company can do.

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