Union Justice Minister Kiren Rijiju takes on Congress over Indo-China border issue | India News

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – Justice Minister Kiren Rijiju on Sunday denounced Congress for allegedly quoting a foreign media article questioning the government’s “credibility” on the Indo-China border issue.
He also re-posted a short video of then Defense Minister AK Antony’s alleged remarks on China at Lok Sabha.
“Dear Members of Congress, listen to the Defense Minister of the Congress Government before speaking on the China border issue,” the Minister said in a tweet in Hindi.

Congress on Saturday demanded an apology from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and asked him to “retract” his “good note” to China that no one has entered Indian territory while citing a Pentagon report that says China entered 4.5 km into Arunachal Pradesh.
In a series of tweets, Rijiju claimed that “some mischievous media” wrote in bold that China had built a village inside Arunachal “and then lightly mentioned ‘in the Chinese occupied area in 1959’ .What is your goal?”
Rijiju said “these people” deliberately do not believe in the Indian military, but quickly quoted a foreign story to “create a misleading headline to question the credibility of our government and the strength of our military with a malicious motive to demoralize the nation”.
In a September 6, 2013 clip, Antony told the House that independent India has had a policy for many years that the best defense is not to develop the border.
An undeveloped border is safer than a developed one, the defense minister said at the time, adding that China had improved its border infrastructure.


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