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Unnecessary policy on the legislature: Minister of Justice

Minister of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Govinda Prasad Sharma Koirala. (File photo)

KATHMANDU: Minister of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Govinda Prasad Sharma Koirala said the arrangement regarding the tenure of the House of Representatives (HoR) and Provincial Assembly is proposed in accordance with the constitutional provision .

Unnecessary political articulation was made on the mandate of the lower house, he said, explaining that arrangements for the HoR and the provincial assembly needed to be made to remedy the legal vacuum.

At the House of Representatives meeting on Tuesday, Minister of Law Koirala said this while responding to questions raised during a clause-by-clause discussion on the “Nepal Amendment Bill, 2079 BS “.

He complained about unnecessary politics on the bill despite being introduced with a just cause. There should be clear provisions as to when Parliament should meet and when to prorogue, Minister Koirala said, adding that there should be no vacuums in the CoR.

The decision should not be changed based on the reservations of a handful of people, he said, adding that it should instead be clarified by parliament.

He also stressed the need to make our laws in a contemporary way by accepting the laws that are made at the international level.

A law on money laundering has been discussed taking into account the need to fully verify illegally acquired assets, he said.

The Minister further shared in accordance with the internationally developed norms and values ​​of the end, the legitimate source of the earned assets must be disclosed, otherwise it will be subject to legal action.


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