UU offers the first computer law course to “build the law graduate of the future tech-savvy”


ULSTER University offers the first computer law course in UK and Ireland in an attempt to ‘build the tech-savvy law graduate of the future’.

With a growing number of international law firms relocating to Northern Ireland, the university has created a course that combines corporate law, IT and innovation.

UU’s Center for Legal Innovation, in partnership with legal and technology leaders, launched the course which straddles both a Master of Laws (LLM) and a Master of Science (MSc).

It is hoped that the course, held at the Belfast campus, will help cope with the growing adoption of the technology by law firms around the world.

With 50 percent computer science and 50 percent corporate, finance, and technology law, it aims to develop a multidisciplinary graduate – a tech-savvy lawyer or an IT graduate with knowledge of legal and financial services.

Modules include Corporate Law, Derivatives and Financial Markets, Technology and Internet Law, Professional Software Development, Data Science and Business Intelligence with students receiving instruction in ‘experienced lawyers.

Graduates of the course, which has just completed its pilot year, can pursue a range of career opportunities, including law, banking, technology, and financial services.

Stephen Bartlett of Citi, which offers two internships and an award fund, said: “Legal service delivery is evolving rapidly and increasingly depends on the overlapping disciplines of data science.

“The new Corporate Law, Informatics and Innovation course at the University of Ulster is an exciting opportunity to acquire the knowledge and practical skills that are in great demand as legal practices of all types are equipped with the resources that they need to support markets, commerce and society in the new data-centric age. “

Jane Hollway, Director of the Center for Legal Innovation at the University of Ulster, said: “Lawyers operate in this radically changed landscape and with that comes the demand for the multidisciplinary lawyer.

“Companies are looking for lawyers and professionals with computer skills or computer technologists with business skills – the ‘unicorn’ graduate.

“In this context, technology graduates with an understanding of the business and financial landscape are in high demand.

“The contribution of our international industry leaders makes the course very practical and our graduates highly employable and skill-tested.”


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