Victims of trafficking take many forms, law enforcement says | criminality


The Burlington County Attorney’s Office also supports the idea of ​​new legislation.

“Recognizing the helpless situation in which victims of human trafficking often find themselves, the New Jersey County Prosecutors Association expressed support for legislation that would provide a process to reverse and expunge certain arrests and convictions. arising from a person’s status as a victim of human trafficking,” Coffina said.

On January 10, the state Senate passed Bill A5322 sponsored by Senator Nilsa Cruz-Perez, D-Camden, and Congresswoman Gabriela M. Mosquera, D-Camden, Gloucester, which would allow victims to launder their name in crimes related to trafficking. .

The legislation, now awaiting Governor Phil Murphy’s signature, would allow victims to have arrests, charges, convictions, complaints and even DNA records related to crimes committed as a result of trafficking expunged.

“Currently, survivors of human trafficking can seek to have prostitution convictions and related charges overturned because they were forced against their will to violate these laws,” said Senator Troy Singleton, who co-sponsored The law project. “However, through this legislation, we seek to extend expungement protections to all convictions that were committed in victimized circumstances. Survivors of human trafficking need to know that there are policies and laws in place that will support them and help them move their lives forward.


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