We must wait for a decision on Khaleda Zia: the Minister of Justice


The justice minister made the comments after the inaugural event of a judicial training workshop in Dhaka on Sunday.

When asked if the government had made a decision on the matter, he replied, “Wait a minute. You will see.”

On December 5, the justice minister said they were examining “legal means” by which the BNP chairman would be allowed to travel abroad.

Four days ago, at his home in Gulshan, the minister said the government was checking whether courts on the Indian subcontinent had “precedent” on the matter. He added that the decision would be taken “in a few days”.

Huq had also been faced with questions about Khaleda Zia’s situation during a rally in his own constituency in Brahmanbaria on Friday. The minister spoke of the BNP’s continued efforts to take Khaleda abroad with undertones of sarcasm.

There’s a saying – if you give them an inch, they’ll take a mile, he said. “That’s what’s going on here. Now they want us to send it overseas.

The 76-year-old former prime minister was convicted and jailed three years ago.

In April 2020, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the government granted his family a request for temporary parole from prison on “humanitarian grounds”.

Khaleda is currently undergoing treatment at Evercare Hospital in Dhaka for cirrhosis of the liver after contracting COVID-19. His family asked the government to allow him to seek treatment abroad.

On November 23, 15 lawyers affiliated with the BNP submitted a memorandum to the Minister of Justice on this subject.

The justice minister said the memorandum would be reviewed, but it would take time to discuss the matter and come to a decision.


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