The Wyoming Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee (LECC) Conference held in Lander, May 3-4, 2022 was a huge success. This year’s theme was Sharing solutions for stronger law enforcement and safer communities. There were eight sessions, including Seizure/Forfeiture of Criminal Assets, Coping and Seeking Help After an Officer Fires, Qualified Immunity, Responding to a Mental Health Crisis, managing officer wellness and PTSD, recruitment and retention, and overdose detection mapping.

The conference generated positive feedback from many attendees:

Chief of Police Scott Peters, Lander Police Department:

“The LECC conference, co-hosted by the United States Attorney’s Office, was an excellent educational opportunity and showcased the commitment to public safety partnerships between federal law enforcement agencies, state, municipal and tribal. We were honored to have the conference in Lander this year.

United States Marshal Randall Huff:

“This is a very valuable training opportunity and an excellent platform to highlight the outstanding criminal investigations taking place across the state. A great place to bring federal, state, and local law enforcement together for networking, collaboration, and participation in topical trainings. The United States Attorney’s Office always does a good job sponsoring this event. »

Chief of Police Keith McPheeters, Casper Police Department

“Wyoming’s wide open spaces and rural environment are a huge benefit to our citizens and our overall quality of life. However, these very aspects of our amazing state make the relationships our state, federal and local law enforcement agencies have with each other all the more important as we work together to improve public safety in the Wyoming. The Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee helps us to establish, maintain and improve these relationships, and to provide us with consistent training and best practices through which we can, together, help maintain the high quality of life that we let’s all enjoy in Wyoming. The LECC plays a vital role in keeping the many different and varied aspects of law enforcement in Wyoming at a high level of functioning. unified professionalism.”

Acting Director Rob Chapman, Office of Community Oriented Policing (COPS)

“The PSC Office is grateful to have participated in the Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee conference. The theme “Sharing Solutions for Stronger Law Enforcement and Safer Communities” was evident throughout the conference presentations. Law enforcement is stronger thanks to the teamwork of dedicated professionals. The collaboration and transparency between law enforcement levels in the region (federal, state, local, tribal) and their relationship with US prosecutors/attorneys has certainly led to safer communities throughout the state of Wyoming. ..”

Chief of Police Erick Blackburn, Wind River Police Department

“I thought it was a great conference and particularly enjoyed the sessions on the use of force and shootings involving officers, as well as officer welfare and PTSD. These are all important questions that seem to be more prevalent than ever in law enforcement. »

The awards dinner, which recognized outstanding achievement by Wyoming law enforcement, was held on May 3, 2022. The winners’ press release is available here. The LECC conference is held each spring and aims to include law enforcement agencies from across the state. For more information about the conference, email [email protected] or call Rob Gaulke at 307-772-2991.


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